Firm Profile

Tactical Data Solutions was founded in response to the need for quality political campaign database management. While there is an over abundance of political data available, many campaigns lack the technical know-how or resources to effectively organize, manage and deploy the data to maximize their vote getting ability. Tactical Data Solutions specializes in helping campaigns, non-profits and corporations get control of their data. We provide the value added benefit of campaign specific output and continually updated lists allowing the campaign to focus on contacting voters and contributors.

Professional Associates

Our Management and Professional Associates are experienced both in political campaigns and managing data in a corporate environment. By combining these skills we have created a team of campaign data specialists. We know how to develop, target, sort and household updated lists for fundraising, voter contact, neighborhood walking, phone calling and Get-Out-The-Vote efforts. Our team of consultants can help you organize the data in the format most useful to you.

Corporate Data Center

Our-state-of-the-art Data Center located in Grand Junction, Colorado is fully equipped to provide our clients with the latest in database management hardware and software. Our dedicated servers and high-speed internet capabilities allow us to handle the largest of databases quickly and accurately. Our systems include both on and off site data backup, fully redundant servers, Uninterrupted Power Source, and full electronic and physical location security systems. In addition to our ability to electronically transfer and merge data, we offer manual data entry services when required by the client.

The Tactical Data Solutions Advantage

When Tactical Data Solutions manages your data you are guaranteed the most up-to-date data available. Your organization is free from having to devote valuable manpower, time and money resources to database development, management and maintenance when you outsource to Tactical Data Solutions. Most importantly, you receive accurate easy to use reports and lists. Whether you need a Walk List, targeted Mailing List for fundraising, or an Absentee Chase list, Tactical Data Solutions will provide it in the format you find most useable, including PDA compatible Walk Lists.

To learn how we can help your organization or campaign, simply click on the Contact Us link and Email or call us.