Our Services

Tactical Data Solutions provides a full range of data management services designed specifically for your Campaign, Fundraising or Corporate applications.

Political Campaigns

Tactical Data Solutions will provide your campaign with application oriented data management services. We will help you get the most value out of available data and organize it in an easy to use format. We guarantee you the most up to date data available. When you outsource your data management to Tactical Data Solutions your campaign is free from having to dedicate valuable manpower, time and money resources to database development, maintenance and management. Tactical Data Solutions enables you to deploy your data resources more efficiently, saving you time and money. By converting raw data into useful information, Tactical Data Solutions helps you convert data into votes.

Consulting & Training

Tactical Data Solutions will work with you and your campaign team to develop the most cost effective data plan available. Our goal is to help you efficiently manage your campaign resources. Our professional staff will be able to consult on data related decisions and train your campaign volunteers on how to best define your data needs and effectively use the information we provide to help you generate votes.

Basic Voter File

Tactical Data Solutions will acquire updated Master Voter Lists and provide your campaign with the Basic Voter File for your State or district. The file will contain all of the data fields available from the Secretary of State’s voter file.

Address Updates

When Tactical Data Solutions acquires a voter list we will compare it to the National Change of Address database. The database tracks all change of address requests to the U.S. Postal Service over the preceding eighteen months and is updated weekly. This process guarantees that you will have the most accurate and up to date address information available. The address information provided by many states contain between 15% and 20% bad addresses.

In 2002 the NCOA registry tracked 44 million address changes nationally (17% of the population). Regular address updates are an important tool for your campaign. By significantly reducing the amount of undeliverable mail Tactical Data Solutions will save your campaign significantly on your postage, mailhouse and printing expense. In a contested election this savings could be tens of thousands of dollars. Reducing the percentage of bad addresses also reduces the volunteer time wasted in stuffing misaddressed envelopes. When we update the address file, your campaign is assured it will be able to efficiently deploy direct mail to the targeted audience for the lowest cost.

Telephone Number Updates

Tactical Data Solutions compares your Basic Voter File to a comprehensive consumer file to verify existing phone numbers and append new numbers. Match rates on updated voter lists run in the 55% to 65% range.Updating voter phone numbers saves your campaign time and money. It facilitates fundraising, voter contact and GOTV efforts.

Email Addresses

Tactical Data Solutions will provide your campaign with a comprehensive list of accurate, deliverable and permission-based email addresses of voters appended directly to your Basic Voter File. Unlike email list brokers, Tactical Data Solutions utilizes custom built email lists that are not inflated with dormant Yahoo and Hotmail email addresses. We match your Basic Voter File against a database of more than 120 million ISP subscribers nationwide to find email addresses. You pay only for actual emails matched. Once a match has been made, an email is sent to the address allowing the recipient to “opt-out” of the list. As a result of this process, you receive a 99.9% deliverable and permission-based email list.

Ethnic Identification

Tactical Data Solutions will provide your campaign with highly accurate ethnic, religious and dominant language identification of voters in your district. In contrast to list providers that use surname based identification systems; our source uses distinct first names and middle names as well as surnames and over 2,925 expert system rules to make identifications. This comprehensive analysis process results in both a higher match rate percentage and a higher degree of accuracy as well as a broader and more precise breakdown of ethnic, religious and language preferences classifications. Currently this system can accurately match in excess of 90% of the names on any list.

Voter History

Tactical Data Solutions will provide your campaign with lists of who voted in General, Primary and Coordinated elections. The Who Voted data will be appended directly to your Basic Voter File.

As Early and Absentee voting become more popular it is increasingly important to be able identify which voters prefer which method. Your campaign can use this information to target mailings timed to reach particular voters when they are most likely to be voting. Tactical Data Solutions will compile the voting type preferences of voter in your district and append that data directly to your Basic Voter File.

Polling Data Append

Tactical Data Solutions will append any polling data or voter/issue ID data developed by your campaign directly to your Basic Voter File. This enables your campaign to easily target voters based on issues. By having all of your data contained in your Basic Voter File database you are assured of having the information you need readily available for both strategic decision making and mailing list generation. Voters can be targeted not only by their positions on specific issues, but those records can be easily cross-tabbed with Who Voted records, Voter Type records, Ethnicity records and/or records containing email addresses. Tactical Data Solutions will provide you with customized reports designed to give your campaign the best information available to make its targeting decisions.

Supporter ID Matrix

Tactical Data Solutions uses a five field matrix that ranks voters as Strong Support, Support, Uncommitted, Opposed, and Strongly Opposed. If your campaign prefers a different format we will incorporate that into your database. As your campaign identifies individual voters who support or oppose your candidacy, that information will be entered directly into your Supporter ID Matrix and appended to your Basic Voter File. By incorporating this information in your Basic Voter File, Tactical Data Solutions enables you to easily cross-tab your support base by any of the data fields contained in your database. This allows your campaign the maximum flexibility and effectiveness in targeting your message and campaign resources.

Precinct History and Information

Tactical Data Solutions can compile detailed Precinct History tables for each precinct in your district. We will provide you with custom reports covering all races on the ballot in a given year. Our reports will include voter registration numbers and we will track year to year changes in registration allowing your campaign to identify trends in registration shifts of individual precincts. Tactical Data Solutions will provide you not only with the actual vote totals for each race, but the relative performance of each precinct based on its deviation from the districts mean. This information is important for targeting and campaign resource allocation decision making.

Householded Mailing Lists

Tactical Data Solutions will provide your campaign with customized targeted mailing lists. We will create tailored lists based on any of the data fields in your Voter File. By storing all of your voter and precinct information in a single database we give your campaign the ability to employ sophisticated direct mail strategies utilizing complex database queries. Our staff will work closely with your campaign team to target audiences and design queries to effectively implement your campaign strategy. All mailing lists provided to your campaign by Tactical Data Solutions will be de-duped. When required by your direct mail plan, we will provide you with householded lists. Mailing lists targeting individual voters based on specific criteria will not be householded unless requested by your campaign

Mail Tracking

As Tactical Data Solutions provides you with mailing lists, we will update your Basic Voter File to reflect which voters received specific mail pieces and on what date that mail was sent. Tactical Data Solutions will also track responses and response rates as that data is provided to us by your campaign.

Enhanced House-file and Donor Tracking

Tactical Data Solutions will track all donors and monitor any additional amounts they could contribute within the legal limits. You will receive periodic customized reports showing you how much has been raised and how much more your existing list could produce. Your campaign can use this information to craft targeted letters personalized to ask for specific amounts from specific individuals. This strategy has been proven to increase the amount of money raised.

Walk Lists

Tactical Data Solutions’ enhanced Walk Lists not only allow you to maximize the efficiency of your precinct walking, they are invaluable in accurately targeting literature drops. Updating and maintaining your Basic Voter File from field data is enhanced by using our lists. Voter follow-up and database maintenance is further enhanced when you select to have Tactical Data Solutions provide your Walk Lists in PDA compatible formats.

Absentee Chase Programs

The ability to deliver your message to voters at the moment they are casting their ballots can give you a statistically significant advantage over your opponent. Tactical Data Solutions will work with your campaign and the County Clerks or Secretary of State to obtain the Absentee Ballot Request lists in electronic format on a daily basis (when available). We will then provide your campaign with mailing and/or phone lists within 24 hours.

Close elections have been decided by the effectiveness of Absentee Chase programs. Tactical Data Solutions will give you the power to create and implement highly sophisticated and effective chase programs.

Get Out The Vote

Get Out The Vote efforts are time intensive. There are never enough time and manpower resources to contact all potential voters. Tactical Data Solutions will provide your campaign with a list of identified supporters allowing you to prioritize your GOTV efforts with your strongest supporters called first. Tactical Data Solutions will compile a list of all voters who have voted Early or Absentee and purge these names from your GOTV Call Lists. Your phone banks will not waste valuable time contacting individuals who had voted weeks earlier. Tactical Data Solutions will enable you to maximize your available resources and contact only those individuals who can still vote for you.

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